Making Moments Magic.

Goldling is on a mission to make premium RTD’s accessible to everyone, through canning the world’s best bar experience.

Remember and relive nostalgia of your favourite moments by capturing the perfect Sundown snapshot.

Organic & Natural

Whatever the occasion, Goldling’s blend of complex ingredients is made refreshingly simple, sourcing the best organic flavours & fruits on the planet.

We chose to be Organic certified by the soil association as we care about soil health. Sales from each can are reinvested back into our supply chain. We work directly with farms in the UK to improve soil health through promoting regenerative agricultural practices. No pesticide or herbicides & more carbon stored.

Expertly crafted for the Golden Hour

Working with the world’s best bar tenders, Goldling is on a mission to can the world’s best bar experience, meaning that you never have to compromise on flavour.

Straight from the can or poured over ice, your sipping suggestion is your choice, so long as you have a can in hand.


Blended with our own distilled 100% organic British vodka and combined with all-natural fruits, spices and botanicals sourced from strictly organic producers, our cans are created without compromising on the beautiful world they celebrate. Plus, our spirit mixers don’t contain any added sugar, meaning every drink is low-carb with only 100 calories.

Complexity, refreshingly simplified.

Europe's first range of Organic vodka sodas come in two flavours.

Goldling Sundown

Goldling Sundown captures the fading light of tropical holidays with our distilled organic vodka mixed with sparkling mineralised soda, freshly-pressed Persian limes, vibrant pineapples and citrusy kaffir lime leaf.

Goldling Moonlight

Goldling Moonlight draws on the stars of far-flung skies with our distilled organic vodka combined with lively mineralised soda, juicy British strawberries, sharp pomegranate and warming cayenne and black pepper.